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 Wedding And Events Dj In London.
Nigerian Wedding DJ Specialist London

My exceptional services for your upcoming special occasion will create a memorable, entertaining atmosphere for you and your guests.

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Nigerian Wedding Dj In London. Dj-Blitz

Nigerian Weddings, Christmas Parties, Birthday Parties,
Traditional Or Wedding Receptions And Corporate Events

For Bookings & Enquiries

Tel : 07961898644 / 07985473903

Bride & Groom At A Nigerian Wedding Reception
The City Pavilion With
Nigerian Wedding Dj, Dj-Blitz

Nigerian Wedding Dj In London. Dj-Blitz

More Feedback From
The Bride And Groom
The Addington Palace

Nigerian Wedding DJ. Reviews. Dj-Blitz

Give Dj-Blitz A Call

Tel : 07961898644 or 07985473903

 Dj-Blitz, Nigerian wedding dj, located in London, provides an unforgettable experience for his clients and their guests at wedding receptions or events, thereby getting positive feedbacks from his past dj services

As a
Nigerian Dj in London, I take pride in my ability to read the crowd, creating the perfect setlist for each wedding and event due to my love for various genre of music. Whether it’s a Nigerian wedding reception, Traditional weddings, Birthday parties,
Afro-Caribbean weddings, corporate events or English weddings my goal is to create a fun and memorable atmosphere that will keep the party going all night long.


Nigerian Wedding Dj London. Reviews. Dj-Blitz

Feedback From The Above Event

Nigerian Wedding Dj In London. Review. Dj-Blitz

Dj-Blitz, your afrobeats djwedding dj in London, who values his clients and the success of your upcoming occasion
Check Out Dj-Blitz At The Hitched Wedding

Nigerian Wedding Dj In London. Dj-Blitz. Nigerian Dj  London


Review From The Bride And Groom

Nigerian Wedding Dj In London. Birthday Party, Dj-Blitz. Nigerian Dj In London. Nigerian Wedding Dj. Wedding DJ London UK

 Professional, Reliable And Experienced, Nigerian Wedding DJ London.

Dj-Blitz, your versatile Nigerian wedding dj, with guaranteed success because I value my clients and their guests.

  • Nigerian Weddings: Experience the vibrant and diverse sounds of Nigerian music, from old and to the latest Afrobeat tunes.

  • Multicultural Weddings: Celebrate with a mix of genres and traditions that reflect your unique cultural background.

  • Traditional Weddings: Honor your heritage with music that resonates with your roots and customs.

  • Adult Birthday Parties: Make your milestone birthday unforgettable with the perfect mix of tunes to get everyone dancing.

  • Corporate Events: Set the perfect tone for your professional gatherings with a sophisticated and engaging playlist.

Although based in London, Nigerian dj, Dj-Blitz also covers Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey and willing to travel as well.

Creating a Captivating Party Atmosphere with DJ-Blitz
at Your Upcoming Special Wedding Reception or Event.

Nigerian Traditional Wedding
Party Atmosphere
For The Groom And His Groomsmen

Nigerian DJ In London, 40th Birthday Party. Dj-Blitz. Nigerian Wedding DJ

Celebrant And Some Of Her Friends.
50th Birthday Party With Dj-Blitz

Nigerian Dj in London. Birthday Party. Dj-Blitz


Dr Kola Orimoloye's wife
60th Birthday Party Feedback


Are you in search of a fantastic Dj for your occasion, l can guarantee you Dj-Blitz is the best and his customer services are the excellent.

He's effective communication was 100% and he was able to group the various genre of list of songs I sent to him. He understood what my husband, our guests would like on the day and got everyone on the dancefloor with his excellent  music mix which was on point.

Dj-Blitz went an extra mile to make sure everyone had a memorable day to remember.

Dj-Blitz you are the best, we all had a great time and you are now our dj for life.


Dr and Mrs Orimoloye

Nigerian Jamaican wedding reception with Nigerian wedding Dj,
DJ-BLITZ. It's like candy

Let's get the party started with Nigerian wedding dj services London,
Dj-Blitz will creates that wonderful, successful party atmosphere for your upcoming wedding reception or other events.
This is the reason I am 100% 
committed to the services
I provide as a wedding and events dj in London. 
My customers feedback are based on a brilliant accomplishment for you, your event and guests.
All you need to do is get your comfortable dancing shoes ready for the dancefloor.

Nigerian Dj In London. Dj-Blitz. Birthday celebrant
Nigerian Wedding DJ London. Reviews. Dj-Blitz, Nigerian wedding dj in London. Dj in London

Get In Touch
The quickest method of contact for a quote regarding your upcoming wedding reception or event, is via the phone contact stated below.
A voice, text or whatsapp message can also be sent via the phone number stated above.

Can I Complete An Enquiry Form

An enquiry form can be filled in as well. This also gives Dj-Blitz a well detailed information about your occasion and a quote can be sent accordingly.

Will I Get An Invoice, Contract, Terms & Conditions?

The above is issued accordingly as soon as you've made a conclusion to book my dj services. This documentation is sent to a preferred email address required by
Once you're satisfied with the documentation sent, a


booking fee will be required to take the date off the calendar. 

Once you’ve hired our professional dj services, you can be rest assured your occasion will be signed, sealed and delivered to your specification.
Providing 100% positive satisfaction to all our clients is always my priority.


Rekiyat & Joshua's Wedding Reception Feedback

We don't even know where to start with the fantastic Dj services you provided at  our wedding reception on the 27/10/2023.

We contacted you 7 days before our special day, your communication, experience and you made us feel at ease that our wedding reception will be a memorable one to remember and we can testify your amazing dj skills made us and our guests really partied hard.

We would always recommend your dj services over again to anyone. 

Everyone that attended our wedding reception was raving about your excellent dj services.

We really appreciate you and you are the best at what you do.

Thank you once again

Rekiyat and Joshua 



Nigerian Wedding Dj London. Reviews. Dj-Blitz


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Nigerian Traditional Wedding At Tottenham Town Hall

Feedback From The Above Event

Nigerian Wedding Dj In London. Dj-Blitz. Feedback

 Client's Surprise 40th Birthday Party.
A Memorable Occasion with DJ-BLITZ


Nigerian Dj London. Dj-Blitz.Birthday Review

 DJ-BLITZ is your experienced Nigerian Wedding DJ in London.

Client satisfactions are my top priorities

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